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4 Benefits Of Integrated Card Readers For Print

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4 Benefits Of Integrated Card Readers For Print

At Tipac, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of print management and document automation solutions for businesses. And quite often that means not only providing software that improves the back-end side of the business, but the user experience too. One of the most popular print management solutions we provide is an integrated card reader system. This is a simple little system that can create a simple and fully integrated pull printing environment, putting the end user back in control of their print needs and providing businesses with full security over their data, not to mention some great benefits to their business. These benefits include (but are not limited to) increased confidentiality, flexible working, increased productivity and seamless integration.

Secure Data

In all businesses, data security should be a top priority. But in certain industries it is essential. Imagine walking into a solicitor’s office and seeing a pile of freshly printed court documents just sitting on the printer, unattended. Sadly it’s something that happens every day – but it doesn’t have to. Integrated card readers can guarantee secure access to all print and copy decides within your business and no documents being left on printers again. This is because the documents don’t actually print when a user hit’s ‘print’ on their computer. Instead, the job is only released when a user stands in front of the printer and swipes their key card. So even if they are interrupted on their way to the printer, the data is still safe.

Flexible Working

Card reader solutions add new meaning to the term ‘flexible working’. This is mainly because card reader solutions can be applied to any networked printer within your business no matter where it is, helping you to promote effective and efficient remote working. So for example, say a salesperson is based in London, and needs to travel to Birmingham to meet with other members of their team. They are travelling by train, so they don’t want to take a huge wedge of documents with them that could easily get lost, damaged or stolen. So instead, they finish the documents on their machine in London and press ‘print’ before they leave. When they arrive in Birmingham, they walk up to any printer in the office, swipe their card and watch their documents start to print. No more carrying documentation around, and no more being restricted to just one or two printers in one location.

Increased Productivity

When you’re working on a lot of documents that need printing, it can sometimes feel like you’re constantly going backwards and forwards to the printer. But with pull printing, you can release all of your print jobs in one go when you’re finished. This ensures that you won’t forget anything (if you tried to remember everything you need to print at the end then this is likely), and that your printing all comes out in order, when you need it. Hit print at the end of each document, and when you’re ready you only need to make one trip to the printer. This significantly increases productivity and eliminated some of the wasted time that can come with printing multiple documents.

Simple Integration

From the business side, your print management team will be over the moon, because pull printing using card integration is really easy to integrate into any existing print environment.  While it might seem complicated, an ID card system is simple and quick to install, and very easy for admins to manage going forward. It’s easy to add new cards for new employees (or for employees who lose theirs), and no matter how many connected printers you have you can still view them all through one web-based portal. Users don’t need to remember any complicated passwords or other ID features, and pull printing solutions can work with all print devices on all networks, making integration utterly seamless.

Ultimately a pull printing solution helps you take control of your secure print needs again, giving you back time, efficiency and security in equal measure. Start saving money, time and resource with a secure card reader pull printing solution today.

If you would like to know more about card print solutions, just get in touch with the team at Tipac today for your free demo.