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Tipac awarded its Silver Partner Certificate

Tipac are pleased to announce we have been awarded our Silver Partner Certificate as recognition of our continued commitment to excellence in delivering solutions based on the Xerox DocuShare platform.

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Whitepaper: Increasing Productivity Through Automation (January 2019)

In this whitepaper we aim to cover many of the key areas in which your business could see a significant upturn in productivity and efficiency from implementing an automated content management and data capture solution, there are still many other advantages to the process. The flexibility of these solutions means you implement them in a single area of your business and see significant returns (for example in accounts payable by using automated invoice processing) or you can opt for amore cohesive solution that will impact your entire business and ensure your complete compliance with GDPR. But the easiest way for you to see the benefits of these solutions before you commit to the investment is to see how they work when applied to your business. That’s why at Tipac, we have a range of business cases, case studies and free demos available to you on our website.

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Winner of the Best Print Fleet Management Solution Award

On 22nd November 2018, Tipac attended the pretigious Document Management Awards at the Radisson Blu Edwardian. We are very happy to annouce we won best “Print Fleet Management Solution” award. Thanks for everyone who voted for us, we couldn’t have done it without your support!

Tipac are pleased to announce we are officially certified with CompTIA’s IT Business Trustmark – A business-level credential designed to qualify and differentiate high-caliber solution providers.

About CompTIA Trustmarks
CompTIA Communities are collaborative groups of technology suppliers and vendors, distributors, service providers, and resellers dedicated to advancing specific areas of technology. These groups are generally dedicated to defining particular computing technologies, business models, and best practices; building toolsand resources; creating and administrating professional credentials; and deliberating and resolving issuesrelated to their area of expertise. Communities typically promote industry and regulatory standards that ensurethe openness, performance, and integrity of specific computing platforms, applications, and businesses. Theirunderlying goals include ensuring high quality and performance in computing among their discrete marketconstituents. For more information about the CompTIA Communities or to get involved in these groups’ activities, please contact communities@comptia.org.

Whitepaper: Content Management and ROI (August 2018)

This whitepaper is the first in a series designed to help you on your way to achieving a paperless office that really works. One of the most successful (and simple) ways to implement a paper-free office is to invest in a streamlined content management system. These systems can digitise current paper documents, create workflows and implement automated processes that eliminate the need for new paper documents to be created.

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