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PrinterLogic Case Study: La Roche College

In this compact but distributed academic setting, efficient printing is key. Students and faculty regularly print their research, reports, papers, exams, as well as graphic and design work, much of it under deadline...

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PrinterLogic Case Study: Bank Plus

As Bank Plus has grown, so has the complexity of its print environment. Each time a new branch office was opened, they did what so many businesses do—they added a new print server...

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Whitepaper: Document Management and ROI

Document Management And ROI – How Can You See Results?

Pt.1 – Removing Paper From The Equation
This whitepaper explores the true costs savings and benefits of a document management system, looking at all areas where inefficiencies can be made, human errors reduced, compliance regulations met and an overall reduction in office space currently used, to store the paper generated from time consuming paper processes.

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Close up of an old printing press

Paper Myths: Governance and Compliance

When we talk about governance and compliance within businesses, we really mean the rules and practices employed by the board of directors to ensure accountability, fairness, compliance and transparency when...

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