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Tipac Qualify For CompTIA’s IT Business Trustmark

Tipac are pleased to announce we are officially certified with CompTIA’s IT Business Trustmark - A business-level credential designed to qualify and differentiate high-caliber solution providers. About CompTIA TrustmarksCompTIA Communitiehttps://tipac.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/UK-IT-Business-Trustmark-Flyer_V2.docxs are...

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Whitepaper: Content Management and ROI (August 2018)

Part 1 – Removing Paper From The Equation
This whitepaper is the first in a series designed to help you on your way to achieving a paperless office that really works. One of the most successful (and simple) ways to implement a paper-free office is to invest in a streamlined content management system. These systems can digitise current paper documents, create workflows and implement automated processes that eliminate the need for new paper documents to be created.

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Content Management and Automation in Care Homes

On average, a single care home has to complete over 100 separate items of paperwork every single day, all for different purposes, agencies and residents.

Many of these documents will be copies of existing information for external agencies or duplications of orders, all of which take a huge amount of employee time. The state of paperwork within our care system has got to the stage that many care home staff feel that they are judged more on their ability to fill in paperwork correctly than to provide adequate care.

But is this excessive paperwork having more of a detrimental effect on essential care than we realise, and how can we reduce the paperwork burden without opening care homes up to more problems?

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