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Do SME’s Really Need Print Servers? (No!)

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Do SME’s Really Need Print Servers? (No!)

Over the last few years we noticed that there was a gap in the market when it came to print solutions. Many print management products were aimed at bugger businesses, assuming, correctly, that they struggle to manage their environments effectively. But none of these fantastic print solutions seemed to be available to SME’s. But here’s the thing. While smaller businesses may not have the same number of printers to manage in as many locations, they still experience the same pains and irritations as bigger businesses when it comes to print management. But while they can identify these issues, they will often find that the majority of the solutions for them are only available to large-scale enterprises. The humble SME seems to have been forgotten by the print solutions world, and we don’t think that’s right.


So we went in search of a solution. Something that could help address the problems of SME’s when it comes to print management, give them the quick, powerful control of their print environment they need, and maybe even give them the ability to eliminate the area of print that causes the most problems (print servers) for good. And what we found was a print solution that encompassed all of this and more. In fact, our solution brings the power of enterprise-grade print management, including printer driver deployment, centrally managed direct IP printing, print job auditing and even self-service printer installation within the grasp of SME’s of all sizes.


Achieving Print Server Elimination

Our latest print management solution makes it possible for businesses of any size, from a one-man band all the way up to a large corporate, achieve effective print management and print server elimination. That means that smaller businesses can benefit from:


Centralised Management: Including print queue migration tools, IP and name change controls, streamlined driver change management and printer profile enforcement from a high level.

Printer Driver Development: Eliminate scripting & GPO’s, a comprehensive self-service installation portal, proximity-based deployment, active directory and hostname.

Administration Controls: Comprehensive print queue management, SNMP monitoring and alerts, workstation usage records and role-based action control.

Advanced Management: Browser-based secure printing, print job auditing and costing, data management and mass update capability and high print & server availability.

Virtual Environment Support: Virtual driver management, Citrix session fat clients, Citrix session zero clients and golden image deployment.

Secure and Mobility: Add-on features such as secure pull print, such as card or pin release at any print device as well as guest printing, email batch printing, chrome book printing and mobile printing for BYOD.


That might seem like a lot of functionality for one piece of software – and that’s because it is. But that doesn’t mean it’s only reserved for big businesses with unlimited budgets. Thanks to modern advances, even smaller businesses can benefit from a streamlined print management solution. Our solutions are designed to be comprehensive yet cost-effective, so there is no need to invest in expensive print servers and hire a whole IT team to maintain them. If you would like to know more about how our service can help you achieve effective print management and full print server elimination, just get in touch with the team to book your free consultation.