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Content management automation is not a one size fits all solution. No matter what industry you work in, paperwork is a consistent, repetitive and time-consuming task. But in some industries, it is more obvious than others, and your clients could easily sit in one of those industries.

At Virtuoso Partners, our solutions are in place in businesses across all sorts of industries and market sectors, helping them improve their processes, ensure 100% compliance and manage mountains of paperwork that would otherwise prove impossible.

But there are a few industries that we see particular problems crop up in time and time again, and these are the industries that could benefit from content management automaton the most. Just a few of the verticals we specialise in include:

Care Homes: The average care home has to create, fill in and file over 100 documents every single day. That’s a huge amount of time for an already burdened system. With document management automation, care homes can reduce the time taken to manage this paperwork and significantly reduce errors.

Financial Services: When it comes to financial services, there are a lot of regulations to comply with and a lot of rules around paperwork. When you add human beings into that mix, mistakes can happen that cost the business thousands. But with document management automation, error rates are reduced to zero, and compliance is ensured.

Manufacturing: The manufacturing process is littered with documentation, from spec sheets to quality control forms and order documentation. Most of this needs to be kept in a job lots for long periods of time for insurance or legal purposes, so a simple, streamlined document management automation system is essential.

Freight And Logistics: Freight and logistics businesses will sometimes handle over 50 documents for each shipment they process, which can add up to thousands of documents in a single working week. The tracking process means that not only do the business owners need to be able to know where this information is, but the customers do too.

As a reseller, you can take advantage of our industry experience and pass that knowledge on to your customers. We can provide you with training and support, as well as help in creating tailored solutions for your customers based on our years of knowledge.