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Effective Automation – Reducing The Strain For The Freight Industry

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Effective Automation – Reducing The Strain For The Freight Industry

When you want to ship something across the country or overseas, there are a lot of moving parts to take into account. One of which is the amount of documentation you as the customer need to provide, the freight handler needs to produce and the receiver needs to verify and return. The back-end workings of transporting goods might seem straightforward, but the reality isn’t that simple. Quite the contrary, creating, tracking and transporting this paperwork is the cause of a lot of problems within the industry. At Tipac, we help freight and logistics companies unleash the true potential of their computer systems through effective document automation.

Paperwork Pain

If you work in the freight or transportation industry, you know just how much paperwork you wade through every single day. It’s not that the industry is overly wasteful – it’s just that there is a lot of paperwork involved. In fact, just a few of the transportation documents required for each delivery include:

  • Bills Of Landing
  • Purchasing Receipts
  • Rental Agreements
  • Customs Manifests
  • Drivers Records & Logs
  • Fleet Maintenance Records
  • Trip Information

And that’s before you get to accounts receivable, accounts payable and invoices. When you multiply that by say, 100 trips a day, the sheer volume of paperwork is staggering. For drivers, managers and office workers, keeping track of all of this is a time consuming, error prone mess that slows business down, causing delays in deliveries and payments. It’s vital that every piece of documentation is available when its required, which is why many transport and freight companies have been searching for a way to ease the strain and make the paperwork process less complex.

Why Would Document Automation Help?

Document automation provides a powerful, digital document management solution for freight companies, putting all documentation for consignments in order and at the fingertips of those needing to work with the consignment to ensure smooth, efficient transit. Using advanced image management software, our solutions can capture consignment related information and associate it with the relevant documentation, for example linking purchase orders to container numbers. All of the relevant documentation can then be viewed in a single, web based module for easy access. Our content management systems can provide forwarding agents with advanced access to consignment documentation, which in turn allows for more effective planning for goods requiring clearance or new documentation. This earlier confirmation of goods has the knock-on effect of accelerating the invoicing process and dispute resolution.

Our solutions enable users to scan in documentation at multiple points and process it digitally, saving time, space and transport of paperwork. Our systems can help automate proof of delivery reports, manage expenses, match invoices and other documentation within the system, ensure compliance at all time and even process purchase orders. For more information, get in touch with our team today to book your free demo.

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