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It’s no secret that care homes across the country are struggling with paperwork problems. In fact, care home staff regularly complete more than 100 separate items of paperwork, often duplicating the same information from one form to another for different agencies. This is an incredibly inefficient process, and can lead to a lot of errors creeping in, and now the majority of care home staff feel as though they are judged more on their ability to fill in paperwork than to actually provide adequate care for their patients.

But with document management solutions, the paperwork process becomes simple, easy to manage and largely automated.

Managing Paperwork Pain

The campaign to reduce the volume of paperwork in care homes is not a new one. Since you can’t remove that paperwork altogether, the main aim is now to simply improve the process of creating, using and storing documentation. With the help of document management solutions, nursing staff can stop spending hours filling in duplicate forms, chasing signatures, purging old data from the system and storing documents in the right place. Instead, the whole process is automated, with features like auto-filling forms and e-signatures speeding up the paperwork process and freeing up that valuable time for patient interactions and care.

Improved Patient Care

Improving patient care is one of the five national priorities for the NHS, and has been for quite some time. Initially set out in 2009/10, the 5 priorities were designed to drive up the quality of healthcare at every level. One well-accepted means of improving patient care is by freeing up the flow of vital information between the different points of care using document management solutions.

No matter what industry you work in, paperwork is a consistent and repetitive task. Tipac supports document management for care home providers.

This enables clinicians – whether in GP surgeries, hospitals, care homes or independent treatment centres – to use the most complete and up-to-date patient records to inform their care decisions.

With a document management solution in place, care homes can see increased compliance, enjoy centralised document storage with automated workflows, and significantly improve the quality of their patient care, all with one simple solution.

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