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The freight and logistics industry has been groaning under the strain of paperwork and processes for years, with no sign of slowing down. But industrial and regional export is such a fundamental part our UK economy and industry, it’s one of the most important things to keep running smoothly. Effective automation of logistics documentation can help freight and logistics companies not only improve their business processes, but the service they provide to customers and suppliers as well. By providing tailored document management to freight and logistics companies, you can help fuel this growing industry.

Automating And Archiving

Freight and logistics businesses will sometimes handle over 50 documents for each shipment they process, which can add up to thousands of documents in a single working week. And that’s before you get to all of the essential back-end processes like accounts payable, invoicing and freight approvals. The nature of shipping and logistics businesses means that not only do the business owners need to be able to know where this information is, but the customers and suppliers do too. With a document automation solution in place, organisations can efficiently manage their logistics documentation across the board. Users can scan in documentation at multiple points, and the system will capture and store it digitally from something as simple as a mobile phone picture. This saves time, space and transportation of bulky paperwork, and ensures that logistics documentation is added to the systems and filed in a timely manner.

Streamlining Logistics Documentation

Document automation provides a powerful, digital document management solution for freight and logistics companies. With automated document capture, organisations can put all of their documentation for consignments in a logical order and at the fingertips of those who need to access it.

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Using advanced image management software, our document capture solutions can identify and collect consignment related information and associate it with the relevant documentation. This means that all logistics documentation can be viewed through a single web-based portal by anyone authorised to see it. This provides forwarding agencies with the information they need, advanced access to consignment documentation and more efficient logistics planning.

Of course, there are many more advantages to automated logistics documentation in the freight and logistics industry.

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