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Remove Paper Process and Admin Overhead

A highly automated document capture and digitisation solution, capable of handling both complex and high-volume document processing requirements. This simple change aligns your business processes seamlessly while satisfying your standards, governance and compliance requirements. With our solution, you can unify the capabilities of all your data capture tools and devices and align them with your business needs, all while making it effortless for your staff to capture, tag and process all forms of documentation, effortlessly.

Key Features:
  • Reduce key entry on all content whatever its source (e.g. invoices, contracts etc).
  • Automated documents arriving in any form (e.g. Email and Post) and check, verify and post them automatically to inline business systems.
  • Perform lookups and post key information taken from the documents to ensure data is correct and reject any data requiring verification, ensuring a reduction in error and time spend on valid checks only.
  • Capture and push data to right areas of the business, starting workflows for other important business tasks.