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Content Management

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Bringing everything together are our comprehensive content management solutions. These solutions are sophisticated and highly flexible, bringing in everything from document workflow to print management and document management. Content management solutions are ideal for improving business processes, compliance and performance, and ideal if you want to offer your customers a complete solution.

Robust Content Management Solutions

By implementing robust content management solutions, businesses can enjoy a more streamlined and scalable process management system. These solutions allow your clients users to capture, manage, share, and protect a wide range of paper and digital content in one secure, central, and highly scalable repository. Our content management solutions can seamlessly fit into any IT environment for minimal disruption, creating a strong, integrated content management solution across the business.

Full Process Automation

A lot of the more essential processes in a business are actually more effective when not done by a human. From matching invoices to payments, cross referencing order information or accounts payable, there are hundreds of processes within a business that would benefit from automation. With content management solutions in place, your clients can start to embrace process automation and improve their performance and accuracy. For clients who are trying to comply with a lot of regulations, content management solutions are absolutely essential.

Key Features
  • Monthly recurring Opex Cloud options or upfront capex on-premises.
  • Web-based, windows drive mapped or mobile access all available, providing fast and simple access and integration with MS365 and office applications such as outlook add-ins.
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing environments and inline business systems and uses Active directory (AD) integrated security for compliance.
  • Track and trace every process, document and touch point within the business, to ensure align with relevant industry regulations.
  • Have one central repository for all content across the business, which is marked and indexed. This allows you to push the unique URL of any document to any other inline business system, so that the user can access that document from the system they are in.