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State of the Industry – Content Services Report 2019

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State of the Industry – Content Services Report 2019

The results of the survey and the market commentary made in this report are independent of any bias from the vendor community.

The survey was taken using a web-based tool in mid February 2019.

The survey sample was a mix of respondents from the AIIM population (in the AIIM database, but not necessarily AIIM members — about 40% of the total) and a sample of respondents completely independent of AIIM (about 60%). The respondents in the non-AIIM sample were directors, managers, and other decision maker respondents whose field of expertise was in Technology Implementation, Technology Development Hardware (not only IT), Technology Development Software (not only IT), and Executive Leadership.

A total of 307 individuals participated in the survey.

The core areas of responsibility for the survey participants were:

  • 48% information technology/IT; 13% line of business; 7% compliance, security, legal; and 23% DM, CM, RM.
  • 78% of participants were from organizations with > 100 employees; 42% from organizations with > 1000 employees. Organizations with less than 10 employees were excluded.
  • 45% of the participants were from outside North America.

The largest industry segments represented in the survey were:

1) Technology;
2) Government (all levels); and
3) Financial Services.

Download Report: Content Services Report 2019

Source: AIIM