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Technology For Freight And Logistics – GDPR Compliance In A Can

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Technology For Freight And Logistics – GDPR Compliance In A Can

As most businesses, both inside and outside of Europe, are aware, GDPR is coming, and it’s coming fast. That means that by May this year, all businesses who handle EU citizen data in any way (or are inside the EU themselves) will be required to meet the strict new rules around data collection, handling, storage and destruction. For some businesses, this simply means securing a few gaps and leaving at that. But some industries will be hit harder than others, and that includes the freight and logistics business. These companies handle thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of pieces of data about EU and non-EU citizens, particularly if they are shipping aboard. Being a very paperwork heavy field (you can read more about that here), there is also an increased risk of data breach via misplaced paperwork. So now, freight and logistics businesses are being encouraged to harness the power of technology for freight and logistics to help them get GDPR compliant, and avoid those hefty fines.


Looking At Every Area

What’s important to remember (for everyone) is that GDPR isn’t just about your IT systems. IN fact, GDPR is likely to affect most areas of your business in one way or another, so it’s important to make sure you are prepared for it. For example, in an average freight and logistics business, the following areas would all be affected by GDPR:


  • HR
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • CCTV Surveillance And Security
  • Order Processing
  • Shipments
  • Driver Logs
  • Legal and Contracts


To name a few. Every one of those areas collects and uses personal data. So how can technology help secure that data and ensure your freight business is GDPR compliant?


Automation, Tagging And Storage 

Document automation provides a powerful compliance tool for freight and logistics businesses, not to mention massively improving business efficiency. Our solutions take effect the second data enters your business, from any source. Intelligent software scans and digitises paper documents, and sorts email attachments. Using pre-set parameters, the software will detect what kind of data is in the document, and send it automatically to the correct area in the business. During this process, those documents can be tagged, which will allow you to find personal data much more easily. It also allows you to do quick searches to locate personal data, helping you remain complaint with several of GDPR’s requirements. Our systems all use cloud-based storage systems, in the form of a single document repository for your business. Not only are cloud-based options more flexible and cost effective, they are also more secure than their on-premises counterparts. Cloud-based document management allows you to quickly recover your files when you need them, with the added bonus that only your approved personnel can access them. Not only that, but our document management solutions are designed to provide more security than open sourced programs, or basic document repository software like Google Drive and Dropbox. This helps your company remain compliant with GDPR’s security requirements and enjoy the benefit of added security featured such as secure document sharing and easy to follow audit trails.


At Tipac, we are dedicated to helping freight and logistics companies across the UK meet their GDPR compliance regulations, and take the opportunity to improve their business functionality at the same time. For more information on how we can help you, or book a free demo of one of our bespoke solutions, just get in touch with us today.