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What To Ask About Content Management And GDPR

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What To Ask About Content Management And GDPR

Well, we’re a few months into GDPR, and nobody has died yet. That just proves that it’s not the big bad wolf everyone thought it would be. But there are still a lot of areas people are unsure about when it comes to GDPR compliance – mainly around the management of documents and other content containing sensitive personal data. Luckily, there is a solution, and it’s called content management. But there are a lot of different content management solutions out there, so before you rush off to Google it go for the first result, you should know, what to ask about content management and GDPR


How Easily Can You Find Information?

GDPR requires you be able to find and delete personal information from your databases on request. That might sound simple, but for businesses handling a lot of data, it can take hours. So you have to ask yourself, how easy is it going to be for your business to manage that? Content management platforms provide a perfect structured approach for capturing, storing and retrieving records by finding and indexing key information for quick and easy retrieval. So when you need to find information, all you need to do is type in some key words to the database, and everything related to it will be displayed on your screen right away. It couldn’t be simpler.


How Do You Know You’re Managing Document Retention Periods Properly?

GDPR carries over the same rules from The Data Protection Act around how long to keep documentation. So you need to make sure you know when you acquired the data, how long you need to keep it for and when you need to destroy it. Businesses will benefit by setting document retention periods in advance, based on the purpose the personal data is being processed for. It keeps you on the right side of GDPR and makes your business more efficient too. Content management solutions allow you to create a simple set of content rules by collection, by document type or in accordance with deletion principles, including recurring and ad hoc deletion. Automated content retention rules help your business to implement a proactive approach to the way your data is managed.


How Confident Are You That Documents Are Staying Private?

A key concept behind GDPR the safety, security and privacy of personal data. That means businesses who hold this kind of information need to be sure that the data they are holding is safe and protected. Content management solutions help businesses to identify personal data in a mountain of other information and map each element of it with the conditions listed in GDPR. Once the data has been mapped, indexed and stored, the data can be effectively managed through six levels of user permission within the software, keeping all information, encrypted and fully secure.


How Well Can You Respond To An Access Request?

Under GDPR, users can request to see all data you hold on them at any time. This in itself doesn’t seem too bad, but when your business holds all sorts of different data sets on one person that are stored in several locations, this can quickly become a nightmare. But with a content management solution, all of your data is stored in one single repository and tagged for easy identification, retrieval and deletion if necessary. If you aren’t sure how to handle an access request, a content management system can help you.


GDPR has thrown a lot of things into question for many businesses, including how to manage the storage of data in a compliant way. At Tipac, we help businesses manage this requirement with bespoke content management software. Our solutions are designed to help you manage, store and process your data in the easiest and most efficient method possible, and it’ll help you reduce your paper consumption too! For more information, or to book your free demo, just get in touch with the team today.