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Why Use Automated Data Capture In Freight And Logistics?

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Why Use Automated Data Capture In Freight And Logistics?

Freight and logistics businesses handle a lot of paperwork and data on a day to day basis – many other industries in fact. And this can lead to a backlog of slow processes, made harder by the need to trawl through paperwork to find data and manually add it into the systems for future use. It’s also incredibly frustrating for customers. Why use automated data capture in freight and logistics? Who just want to see their documentation and updated progress of their orders, without having to go back and forth. By employing automated data capture in freight & logistics businesses can:



  • Reduce costs
  • Accelerate processes
  • Improve customer service
  • Maintain and support their business
  • Provide a customer document portal


Content management effectively connects all business systems, pulling in information and storing it in one place for easy retrieval and use. This system also ensures employees have access to accurate information while working by:



  • Electronically identifying and classifying documents
  • Capturing data from documents
  • Ensuring customers or employees only see the information they need
  • Indexing data for ease of search and retrieval
  • Validating data


This provides staff with the most up-to-date, accurate information when they need it, without the redundancies that can come with multiple systems. At Tipac, we help freight and logistics business realise the advantages of automated data capture, without spending a fortune. For more information, or to book your free demo, get in touch with us today.